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I started coaching out of a passion for helping people and seeing their joy from learning something new in a creative way. I love the sense of two-way learning as I am not satisfied until the client is on the right track. I stop at nothing to find a way to make something work for the player and provide conceptual paths to explore tennis with an holistic approach. Involving clients with the tennis community can grow their network and skills at the same time, therefore fast-tracking learning and opportunities. My coaching edge comes from the time I spend watching and analysing my players matches (if wanted), as this scenario is the only realistic outlet to see what actually happens on the court, from there we develop a tennis plan specifically tailored to how they develop their overall game. I have been competing myself since a junior at a high level in tournaments and still train and compete, providing the opportunity of being a hitting partner for players looking at competition and a Pro Career. 


  - Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach 

- 7+ years coaching experience, have been a Head Coach in own business since 2014 

- TA Qualified & Coach Member

- Specialised in coaching competing players due to extensive holistic approach with scholarship, sponsorship, tournament trips, match analysis & hitting sessions all inclusive

- In-depth mental learning for competitive skills

- Experienced in coaching Adult Beginners, Hot Shots, facilitating year long coaching in 10+ primary schools as well as Special Needs Coaching 


- Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach 

- Bachelor of Business (Marketing) RMIT

- TA Junior Development Coach

- Senior First Aid

- Cert III in Sport & Recreation

- Cert III in Sport Coaching

- Cert III in Community Activity Programs

- Cert III in Education Support

- Hot Shots in Schools Coaching